about me

About Me 

Hi there, my name is Ed. I have been approaching girls for a number of years now and have amassed a great deal of experience on how to go about connecting with girls out of the blue, in the daytime. This wasn't always the case, however.

When I was younger, I was very shy and introverted and suffered mild social anxiety when in the company of others. When meeting a new person I would struggle to hold a coherent coversation.

Eventually through many years of hard graft and self development, I worked on becoming less socially inhibted and more socially free. This eventually led to me starting the youtube channel "Twattery" where I have fun doing pranks and stupid shit in public. As a natural progression from this, I was introduced to the concept of picking up girls in public.  I incorporated fun videos of picking up girls with Twattery but with a twist such as picking up girls while making fake farting noises with a pooter. Often when out filming I would approach girls off camera and at the end of every filming session I would have a rule with one of my filming buddies that I needed to get at least one number before I could go home.

I now run the youtube channel "EdGame" which is all about picking up girls during the day and giving tips and advice. I offer coaching to guys who are looking to get to a point where they can connect with girls during the daytime, get phone numbers, go on dates and get girlfriends/get laid. I specialise in coaching beginners who may be suffering from mild/severe social anxiety and struggle with approaching people and holding conversations. Being able to coach other guys and dramatically improve their lives is an incredibly rewarding experience that I am grateful for. 

My Pickup/Daygame Philosophy:

I find that "pickup" is very much rooted in an underground subculture of guys (some seem to thrive off of this like it gives them a James Bond-esque alter-ego) when really, in my opinion, it should be a mainstream thing that guys feel comfortable to do any time, any place.

Most guys when looking to get a girlfriend/get laid will look to online dating apps like Tinder or going to sweaty, overcrowded, overpriced nightclubs or rely on friends of friends or the workplace. In my opinion, all these options are complete shit for a whole host of reasons but the main one being the fact that you're limiting yourself to an extremely small pool of women. Why bother with that when you have a potentially endless conveyor belt of hot women to talk to on the street.

I don't advocate a lot of the "PUA techniques" (eg. negging) that some of the self proclaimed gurus would preach in the past. I believe approaches should be direct, honest and, perhaps most importantly, fun. Because if you're not having fun what's the fucking point?

Often you will find the more experienced guys going out with their wings to do a session of daygame which is fine but I strongly feel that, as a more experienced guy, daygame should be incorporated into your daily life and you should approach wherever, whenever. This means approaching on your journey to and from work, when you're shopping in your local Tescos etc. as you see fit.

I would consider myself a friendly and down-to-earth guy. I've been told I come across very laid back and chilled out but I am also brutally honest and can be blunt when needed. This is important when it comes to your coaching as I won't bullshit you or sugarcoat the truth. I will push you to get out of your comfort zone and take risks you wouldn't have taken previously.