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We will meet up at a public location and work together to get you talking to women, getting numbers and getting dates.

Intensive coaching sessions during the daytime

Being able to approach attractive women during the daytime and actually connect with them, build attraction and potentially go on a dates is an incredibly powerful asset to possess. My coaching is tailored to equip you with the skills to enable this.
Perhaps you are a guy who has ventured into the cesspit that is online dating/tinder and had no luck. Perhaps you have ventured into sweaty, overpriced nightclubs and come away thinking what was the point of that? Perhaps there are no women that take your fancy in your current social circles/workplace. I would strongly recommend you push yourself to learn daygame.
If, like I once was, you are a shy guy who lacks confidence and struggles to hold meaningful conversations with women or even finds it next to impossible to make an approach in the first place then I can help you. I've been there. I know exactly what it's like. I know how to get you out of it. You will learn how to become confident and attractive to women and control the nerves/anxiety. What you will find is that these skills and new-found confidence will trickle over to other areas of your life such as in the workplace or in your social life to make you a better, more well-rounded version of yourself.
If you are more of an intermediate who doesn't struggle with confidence or making an approach but struggles to build attraction when talking to girls, runs out of things to say or perhaps experiences a lot of flakes or numbers that lead nowhere, I can help you with these essential conversation skills.
What I advocate is an honest, direct and fun approach to meeting women. I don't believe in using "tricks" or "techniques" or being manipulative to get women to sleep with you or pretending to be someone you are not. I believe you can remain true to who you are while becoming more confident in yourself and, by extension, more attractive to women. For more details, check out my youtube channel.
What my coaching offers you:
  • Full, infield training with myself, where I will tailor each session to your specific circumstances and current stage of development.
  • A combination of  practical and verbal teaching (emphasis on the practical).
  • A comprehensive breakdown and analysis of your interactions, supplemented with demonstrations.
  • A step-by-step approach to your development so you are not being thrown into the deep end right from the start. We will work in a gradual fashion so you are not overwhelmed.
  • I will hook you up with a wireless microphone so I can hear exactly what you're saying when you're in the field to then give feedback.
  • I can record you on camera and send you the footage post session so that you can see areas to improve (optional).
I primarily offer coaching within London. We can meet at a location of your choosing provided it is accessible to both of us. If you are located outside of London, I am also willing to travel to your town/city so that we can meet up (this may require more notice). I am spending more time abroad doing international bootcamps. I would highly recommend joining me for one of these for an all-round incredible experience with girls who are typically far hotter, friendly and more receptive than girls we are used to in Western/Central Europe or North America. I will generally be doing bootcamps in North/South America during the Winter months and Europe/Eastern Europe during the summer months. See below for my next bootcamp. If you're from the UK and would definitely prefer coaching in the UK and I'm not around in the UK, another one of my team will conduct the coaching with you. Rest assured they will be a top tier coach.

Coaching Options:

Live One-2-One Coaching (London)
Live One-2-One Coaching (London)
£300 for the day

(Day usually consists of 6 to 7 hours. Additional days can be arranged for the same price)

Live One-2-One Coaching (Outside London)
Live One-2-One Coaching (Outside London)
£350 for the day

(Day usually consists of 6 to 7 hours. Additional days can be arranged for the same price)

Alternatively you can email me directly at:
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Live One-2-One Coaching (International Bootcamps)

I am spending more time abroad in exotic locations where you'll find some of the most attractive girls in the world
Next Location: To be announced
£300 per day (minimum of 2 days. Additional days can be arranged)
Email me to discuss:

Live Phone/Skype Coaching

This is a useful option if you are unable to meet me in person or you would like a cheaper albeit more limited option. We can discuss anything daygame related over the phone or I can listen in live while you are out approaching and then give you feedback based on what I can hear (if you have airbuds or similar)
£30 per hour (you may select how many hours you would like)
Email me to discuss:

This is how it works:

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My Pickup/Daygame Philosophy:

I find that "pickup" is very much rooted in an underground subculture of guys (some seem to thrive off of this like it gives them a James Bond-esque alter-ego) when really, in my opinion, it should be a mainstream thing that guys feel comfortable to do any time, any place.
Most guys when looking to get a girlfriend/get laid will look to online dating apps like Tinder or going to sweaty, overcrowded, overpriced nightclubs or rely on friends of friends or the workplace. In my opinion, all these options are complete shit for a whole host of reasons but the main one being the fact that you're limiting yourself to an extremely small pool of women. Why bother with that when you have a potentially endless conveyor belt of hot women to talk to on the street.
I don't advocate a lot of the "PUA techniques" (eg. negging) that some of the self proclaimed gurus would preach in the past. I believe approaches should be direct, honest and, perhaps most importantly, fun. Because if you're not having fun what's the fucking point?
Often you will find the more experienced guys going out with their wings to do a session of daygame which is fine but I strongly feel that, as a more experienced guy, daygame should be incorporated into your daily life and you should approach wherever, whenever. This means approaching on your journey to and from work, when you're shopping in your local Tescos etc. as you see fit.

An example of my coaching:

Daygame Coaching A Client (Part 1)

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I also offer:



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I would consider myself a friendly and down-to-earth guy. I've been told I come across very laid back and chilled out but I am also brutally honest and can be blunt when needed. This is important when it comes to your coaching as I won't bullshit you or sugarcoat the truth. I will push you to get out of your comfort zone and take risks you wouldn't have taken previously.

What I need from you:

  • The self-determination to see the coaching through. There will be hurdles, a lot of rejection and setbacks along the way but its important that you concentrate on your goal and the progress you are making.
  • The ability to take constructive feedback
  • The understanding that a lot of hard graft is required on your end. Women aren't going to be flocking to you overnight.
Client Coaching - Introducing Brian in Sweden

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